Christmas gifts can be Life-Giving and Life-Changing

Christmas gifts can be Life-Giving and Life-Changing

Why not give a loved one or friend the first book in one of my series?

Studies show that reading a book reduces stress and helps everyone be happier, my word search books help young and old alike.

My word search books help the young learn find inspiration and meaning to their life, and comfort seniors helping them keep an active mind. Those who read regularly live longer than those who don’t read much. Giving a meaningful word search book encourages readers to have a good relationship with God, your community, family and friends.

When visiting an ill or recovering friend or family member, or even when volunteering to help someone there always comes an awkward moment during the visit when we all run out of words.

A friends father was ill and my friend was in low spirits. he told me every visit they would run out of words to say to each other and sit in silence or he would leave early when he really wanted to be with him. I gave my friend a copy of the first book in the series and told him to try reading a page to his father, then to do some of the word searches on the page with him, together.

I saw him the following week, he was smiling, and he thanked me. He said his father enjoyed being read to, and then they would do some of the word searches together, it gave them that father and son time together during his visits. Now they both looked forward to his visits.

Why not try the following: Young or old, everyone enjoys having someone read to them a page or two, something short. So from my word search books why not read a page of the scripture to them, it takes their mind off of not feeling well.  Then spend some time entertaining them together with the easy to do word searches on each page. There are twelve words to find on each page of scripture. Who knows it might just help both of you.

May God Bless You Both


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